Introducing SodiumSuite

We are so excited to be revealing SodiumSuite.  Yes, it is in pre-alpha technology preview status right now.  But we think that there is already a lot to see and do, enough to get a mouth-watering hint at the savory delights that are to come as new features, look, power and ideas are revealed.  We have a lot of work ahead of us, but a lot is already done.  We are well into our proof of concept phase and are happy that we are able to do the bulk of our product development out in the open allowing the technology community to work with us as we define what we hope is a ground breaking, industry leading systems monitoring and management application.


Exactly where SodiumSuite will be going in the future, we cannot say.  Right now we are focused on building a firm foundation on which we can build any capabilities that we need in a scaleable, hosted, enterprise class application.  We are taking traditional RMM ideas, modern DevOps and state machines, the latest development toolsets, world class operations and new ideas and combining them into what we feel will be a very fresh and comprehensive approach to IT management.


Our goal is to make a tool that is equally useful to home users, small businesses, enterprises and service providers giving them a common platform for IT solutions.  Whether you are a jack of all trades, a desktop specialist, a server administrator, an automation specialist, a networking engineer, application support, call center, helpdesk, IT manager, home user, family friend… we want Sodium Suite to be your “go to” tools to make your job easier.


What we are trying to do with SodiumSuite is no small task.  From technological design to system management to scale to industry paradigm shift we have our work cut out for us.  But work like this builds excitement.  This isn’t a project embarked upon lightly, but a daunting one with great hope and a sense of adventure.


Like a band of merry hobbits setting out on a long journey, we too look to change the world.  We truly see this as the one app to rule IT all.