Introduction/Current focus

First of all let me welcome you to Sodium Suite! As we are becoming more popular/visible I thought now would be a good time to introduce myself and give some insight into the direction we are heading in. To start with I am Jeremy Richardson, Development Lead for Sodium Suite.  I will be regularly blogging on here about the current focus and projects that are going on as Sodium develops. As the introductory post does a good job of explaining what we are truly about I won’t go in depth of the overall goal of this project. To get to the point the current focus points are:

  • Finish the Helpdesk ticketing system
  • Finish and cleanup the indepth view of machine
  • Terminal access
  • Contact Editor
  • Organization Editor


It is fair to say that we roll out updates very regularly, usually multiple a day. A lot of these updates have been helpdesk oriented with the hopes of wrapping that up(for this phase of the project) soon. Ultimately this is a huge project that is going to be a work in progress for quite some time but as the first post says this project is to the point where it’s ultimate goal and potential is plainly visible. So far we have done a great job of bringing the IT community along for the ride and actively take suggestions from the Mangolassi community. At the end of this project we want to have a service that people will actually want to use and what better way to ensure that that happens but by asking those who would use it their opinion. I will be updating this weekly alongside of the regular twitter posts(@quixoticjeremy) that I make with what I am working on in the moment. And that ought to do for a first post from me, again welcome to Sodium Suite!